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Risk Level.

At Locust Lane, we believe that starting the conversation about performance by talking about risk is the simplest and most effective method to set client expectations.

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Risk Number

The first step to properly managing expectations is to accurately assess the amount of risk that you are comfortable taking. Every investor has a certain amount of risk that he or she can handle, and it is important to identify this up front.

Typical Response

to Market Changes

We know that this model of behavior, buying high and selling low, is logically the wrong approach to take with investing — but we see it over and over again. The issue is that it is difficult for people to ignore fear.

Our goal at Locust Lane is to change that mindset through Investor Education and properly setting expectations.

This is a crucial step in the process because typical investing patterns of individuals look something like this:

Invest With Discipline.

If our clients actually invest within the bounds of how much risk they can handle and stay invested for the long run, they will have better investment experiences and outcomes.

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Disciplined investing starts with Locust Lane.